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Study Efficiently Hypnosis: Supplement

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James Braid


Power Matcha helps with your ability to focus. This blend contains five valuable plant-based ingredients. It is natural and vegan! Matcha works like natural caffeine, which helps you stay fit and focused for longer. It is more beneficial to your health than coffee but still has a similar stimulating and awakening effect. Matcha is also rich in natural antioxidants to help fight fatigue and keep you looking young and fresh. With its four other ingredients, maca, moringa, wheatgrass and barley grass, Power Matcha is the perfect dietary supplement for intense periods of concentration, such as before an exam.

How do you use the powders? Simply stir them into water, plant milks, smoothies, or a bowl of granola. Power Matcha is easy to use and, most importantly, delicious. After your superlearning hypnosis, Power Matcha is an excellent supplement to further boost your performance.

Thanks to our partnership with Your Superfoods GmbH, we are able to extend this amazing discount to our hypnotees:


15 % Discount


Please note:

A dietary supplement is intended to supplement one’s diet. Dietary supplements are not meant to replace a healthy diet of whole foods. They are no substitute for leading a healthy lifestyle, which you should always try to maintain. Dietary supplements are also not medicines. They are not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease and therefore do not replace any necessary medications or prescriptions from a doctor. If you need to take any medication, always talk to your doctor before you begin taking supplements.

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