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How to Manipulate Brain Waves

Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

Different brain waves correspond to different states of consciousness and vice versa. Both components are interdependent. During the day, you are in the so-called beta frequency, which means the frequency oscillates between 16 and 30 hertz.

Research suggests that there are ways to manipulate brain waves. This means, for example, that you can enter an alpha state of mind from a beta state to feel calm or into the theta state, which gives you even better access to your subconscious, thereby allowing you to tap your intuition. We will show you the ways you can alter your brain waves.

1. Self-Hypnosis/Meditation

Meditation is self-hypnosis. To meditate means to let go and be still. In doing so, we move to lower frequency brain waves automatically. People who are very practiced go from beta to alpha to theta state by meditating. Others stay in the alpha state, which is perfectly fine for pushing away thoughts and inducing a feeling of calm. The theta state goes beyond a state of relaxation in that, as mentioned at the beginning, it allows even deeper access to the subconscious. People who practice self-hypnosis frequently can increase brain wave frequencies into delta waves for the purpose of facilitating restorative and self-healing abilities, to name an example.

The fact is that brain waves change when we meditate. However, patience is required, because meditating does not usually work right away, but needs to be practiced. If you practice self-hypnosis daily, it will become easier and feel more natural. Most meditations work with breathing and/or visualization techniques. Learn and practice how to do self-hypnosis online here.

It is important that you feel more relaxed and refreshed after meditating. However, give yourself time, because you may not feel such effects right away from the first meditation.

2. Hypnosis

If you are unable to easily quiet your mind, you may want to consider hypnosis. The coaching topic is only secondary because the goal is to learn how to achieve deep relaxation. How do you quiet your mind in just a few minutes or even seconds? You will be able to feel mental relaxation during every hypnosis session – no matter the goal you have set yourself for your Hypnocoaching. This means that you will feel deep relaxation during hypnosis to get over stage fright, to quit smoking, or to maximize sports performance.

It’s possible to also focus your session entirely on relaxation. During hypnosis for relaxation and during hypnosis to activate self-healing powers, the brain of the hypnotees mainly show delta wave patterns.

After your hypnosis session, you will notice that it will be easier to perform self-hypnosis on yourself, meaning, you will be able to induce a state of trance on your own. The more you practice the self-hypnosis routine, the more successful it will become and the more easily you will be able to reach a hypnotic state. Your Hypnocoaching will also help you teach this skill. For example, if you are in a deep trance (somnambulism) during your Hypnocoaching, an experienced coach will set a trigger so that you can reach this state again and again. You can then use the skill you learned to meditate. As you already know: meditation is self-hypnosis.

3. Acoustic Stimulation

You can entrain your own brain waves by listening to certain sounds. The brain waves vibrate to the frequency of the music and sync with it.

There are three types of sounds that are suitable for manipulating brain waves: binaural beats, monaural beats, and isochronic beats. Incidentally, hypnosis music or meditation music is often accompanied by binaural, monaural, or isochronal beats.

4. Visual Stimulation

Another way to entrain brain waves is to use visual stimuli such as strobe lights. These are light pulses that flash evenly at a high frequency, like we’ve seen at a night club. As is the case with acoustic stimulation, the brain adapts to the light pulses and gradually begins to oscillate at the same frequency.

So-called mind machines are now commercially available. They are audiovisual stimulation devices with headphones and strobe light goggles using a combination of acoustic and visual impressions to manipulate brain waves.

5. Magnetic Stimulation

In the field of neurology, it is now possible to directly manipulate brain waves using alternating electric fields. The technical term is transcranial magnetic stimulation (transcranial is the Latin word for “through the skull”).

Varying strengths of magnetic fields carry currents into the brain by means of a coil, stimulating certain areas of the brain while inhibiting others. This procedure can be used to treat various neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease. (1)




(1) Universitätsklinikum Dresden: Transkranielle Magnetstimulation (TMS). Online https://www.uniklinikum-dresden.de/de/das-klinikum/kliniken-polikliniken-institute/nch/spezialgebiete-erkrankungen/neurochirurgische-schmerztherapie-neuromodulation/transkranielle-magnetstimulation-tms

Photo: Adobe Stock (edited).

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