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Increase Performance With Hypnosis

Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

We are a society driven by performance and self-optimization, and these terms have now become part of our everyday vocabulary. When talking to older generations, we often hear them say that life has become faster. Hypnocoaching develops in correlation with a modern and digitized society to help us master everyday life.

Whether we should consider these social developments in a positive or critical way. We humans are only just beginning to adapt to this rhythm of life and develop new strategies. It is a world in which performance has reached the next level.

If hypnosis is regarded as one of these new coping strategies, then performance enhancement begins in a moment of deceleration – in the so-called trance state. The two aspects of learning and of ability take place on a mental and physical level. Hypnosis increases performance on both levels to make learning easier for us.

Improving Performance While Learning

Some people find it particularly easy to learn new skills, others on the other hand can feel overwhelmed. While it may be easy to learn a language for some, learning to play a musical instrument can in turn be difficult. All of us have our strengths and weaknesses when learning something new. With Hypnocoaching, different levels of our learning processes can be positively influenced. So-called Superlearning can make learning significantly easier for each of us.

Performing a visualization under hypnosis results in the anchoring of it in the subconscious, making an unfamiliar situation appear more familiar. The aim is to create a future image of ourselves in which new knowledge and new skills are applied. For example, we would imagine a scenario where we are ordering a tarte au citrón from a bakery in France or are melodiously playing our favorite song on the guitar. Goal-oriented hypnosis, on the other hand, offers structuring of the learning process. The current state is analyzed and the path to the goal (e.g. speaking French fluently, being able to play the guitar) is mentally structured and planned. Thus, hypnosis can not only prevent a total overload during the learning process but can also analyze and restructure the process. In addition, hypnosis has learning benefits since existing resources are made use of and subconscious sources are activated. Learning is thus perceived as being easier in the future with less time needed.

Increasing Performance While Exercising

When it comes to improving performance while engaging in a sport, hypnosis focuses on increasing motivation, improving the ability to concentrate and boosting self-confidence. This way, the Hypnocoach is able to address an athlete’s fears. A subconscious fear of sustaining an injury can cause a runner not to push harder or a cyclist to stagnate at a certain point. Fear of the opponent in competitive sports can also inhibit athletes and prevent them from exploiting their full potential. And last but not least, external circumstances (such as rain, heat, disputes) can flip a switch in the athlete’s head and signal the body that today is not a good day to work out. Hypnocoaching can positively effect our mental focus, thus bringing about a significant improvement in motion control and execution. Recovery times are often shortened through the help of hypnosis and pain can also be reduced.

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Speaking with confidence

I always got really nervous right before having to give a presentation. My stomach was in knots and my hands got all clammy. Even though I was well prepared, I was afraid I would fail completely. My mother gave me the tip to go to a hypnosis session…

No sooner said than done 🙂 After I started to give my presentation, I became calmer with each passing minute. The first time I finished, I felt good. In the days to come, I really noticed that I felt more confident during conversations. It’s nice that the effect of the hypnosis could now also felt in day-to-day conversations.

Of course, I could have done better here or there, like using a different intonation. Since the next presentation is already waiting for me, I will let myself be hypnotized for it again. I think that this way it can become easier and easier to give a presentation.


Increase Performance With Hypnosis - Review by Annette
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