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  Flying With Ease: Hypnosis Helps With Fear of Flying

Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

Overcome your fear of flying with the help of hypnosis

A vacation is one of the nicest things to look forward to each year and for many people, traveling has become more than that; it has become a lifestyle choice. Yet, faraway countries and unknown cultures do not await those with a fear of flying. They can already feel the fear creeping up on them when they only think about entering an airport and will likely never get to experience the joys of traveling to distant places. In this instant, it would be advisable to make use of hypnosis to resolve the underlying cause of the fear.

Getting over your fear of flying

Overcoming your fear of flying can be achieved with Hypnocoaching. This method is very effective and allows you to dive into your own thoughts, experiences, and dreams. It allows you to fly thought time and space with absolute ease and enter your inner self in order to overcome your fear of flying.
A coach will work together closely with you during the sessions we offer. The hypnotist can recognize and remove your mental blocks.

Finally being relaxed about flying

After just a few sessions, you will be able to overcome your fear of flying. Hypnocoaching is a method for fast and permanent change. The effects of hypnosis have been scientifically proven and found to be effective. Even some celebrities have taken to this method of Hypnocoaching to fight their fear.
Of course the affected person may bring along a friend or family member to the sessions. Those who want to leave Berlin or other cities on an airplane, fly with ease, and thereby broaden their horizon despite their fear of flying will find themselves in good hands with our hypnotists. The world that awaits can only be discovered by overcoming one’s own personal hurdles.

Hypnocoaching is not a substitute for medical treatment. We do not diagnose any diseases or administer any medication. Everyone reacts differently to hypnosis, results can therefore vary. If you are currently being treated medically, you should not stop treatment without consulting your doctor beforehand.

In alphabetical order (A-Z)

Hypnose Coach Nicole Arzt M. A. 10117 Berlin Mitte 90419 Nuremberg

+49 – 30 – 640 755 24
+49 – 171 – 14 16 155



Nicole Arzt M. A.

Fee: € 500 (19% VAT included)
Initial consultation + 3 hypnosis sessions



Hypnose Coach Karsten Gall Dipl. 97421 Schweinfurt

+49 – 97 21 – 370 54 21
+49 – 177 – 810 24 67



Karsten Gall Dipl.

Fee: € 85 (19% VAT included)
One coaching session lasts up to 60 minutes
Several sessions are necessary






Hypnosis experiences can be found on the home page as well as on the individual coaches’ pages and the service page. We are excited to hear about any personal experiences – thank you for your feedback!

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Hannes aus Auerbach says...
Ich leide seit ein paar Jahren an Flugangst, zwar steige ich ins Flugzeug aber immer mit einem unguten Gefühl im Magen.

Vor 1,5 Jahren bin ich mit meiner Frau von Spanien zurückgeflogen und seither habe ich aufgrund Turbulenzen noch mehr Angst bekommen. Danach habe ich beschlossen etwas zu unternehmen. Hypnose zur Flugentspannung hat einen guten Beitrag geleistet.
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T. Mettis aus Erlangen says...
Gleich nach der ersten Sitzung nahm ich die "Bedrohung" Flugreise anders war. Gespannt bin ich auf die weiteren Sitzungen. Mich wundert, dass ich hypnotisierbar bin.
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M. W. aus Oranienburg says...
Eine Hypnose bei mir? Hätte nie gedacht, dass es klappt. Aber es funktioniert. Bei mir war nach der ersten Sitzung wenig von der Flugangst übrig. Ich freue mich so auf meinen Urlaub. Turbulenzen? Von mir aus :-)
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