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Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

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Hypnosis is comparable to the wonderful feeling of being deeply relaxed. This great feeling usually stays with you for hours or even days after the hypnosis session has ended. In hypnosis you can continue to perceive your environment and will also hear things like the ringing of a mobile phone.
Hypnosis is a natural state. You go into hypnosis several times a day. Whenever you daydream, you are already in a light trance. That’s why everyone can be hypnotized. If people are not in a state of hypnosis it is because they block it consciously and do not follow the instructions of the Hypnocoach. Inducing hypnosis works better and better the more a person is hypnotized. It can to some extent be seen as a skill that you can train. Test your ability to be hypnotized here.
You will be asked to imagine something, like a beach. You can let your imagination run wild and arrange the scenario to best suit your desires. For example, if you are asked to imagine a beach, you can design the beach so that it is the beach of your dreams. For one person, this might be a mile-long white sandy beach, for another it might be a small hidden bay or a busy city beach. There are no limits to your imagination!
Since you are not unconscious during your hypnosis, you will not reveal any secrets. You will only tell your hypnocoach the things you would say while awake.

Our society often equates highly suggestible individuals with being weak minded. But this assumption is wrong. People who are suggestible have great visualization abilities and they have good access to their inner life. They also have good concentration skills and can represent external suggestions inside their internal experience. These individuals often have a high IQ. This is not to say that intelligent people are guaranteed to reach a deep trance (somnambulism) nor that people who do not reach a deep trance are less intelligent. The intention is to make clear that a somnambulistic state has nothing to do with a weak mind.

Some people succeed in reaching the somnambulistic state during their first hypnosis session. Others manage to by practicing regularly, such as with our Hypnoji exercises. Still others do not succeed in reaching a deep trance state. Fortunately, it is not necessary to get into a deep trance for Hypnocoaching. A light trance state is sufficient. If you can reach somnambulism, it is possible for you to have hallucinations or to feel your arm levitate. Of course, you will always know that you are currently under hypnosis, even if you are lying (hypnotized) on the beach or walking on the moon.

Yes. Often, a hypnotee has to use the restroom because the body is deeply relaxed. If you feel the urge to go during your hypnosis session, it is important that you open your eyes and tell your coach. A full bladder or other discomforts are distracting, reducing the success rate of the hypnosis. You can easily get out of hypnosis and be hypnotized again afterwards.
You feel relaxed after hypnosis. You can go to work, meet friends, etc. Some hypnotees feel energized, just like after a restful sleep. Others have reported sleepiness.

Yes. You can significantly influence the effectiveness of your hypnosis. To achieve a good result, it is important that you work with your coach during hypnosis. It is also important that you do not put pressure on yourself if you are not able to imagine certain things so well. Trust that your subconscious mind will support you in the best possible way.

In order not to impair your hypnosis ability, please refrain from performance-enhancing drinks (coffee or similar) on the day of your hypnosis. We advise you not to talk about your hypnosis with anyone immediately after the appointment, because its successful outcome can be influenced especially in the first 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can freely talk about it.

For a hypnosis session to be successful you must feel comfortable. Some people have reservations about hypnosis. That is why you may bring a friend to your appointment. Your accompanying partner will be sitting in the room during the hypnosis and is able to observe the whole session.

No, you are not unconscious in hypnosis. You can still perceive your environment. Hypnosis is not unconsciousness or fainting. It is actually a good thing that you can perceive everything so that you can hear the voice of your Hypnocoach.
Not only problems can be solved easily and quickly with the help of hypnosis. Hypnosis can change your behavior. But it also increases your performance and strengthens your overall well-being.
When you take up the suggestions of your Hypnocoach, your neurons – the nerve cells in the brain – start to reconnect. This connection starts during your hypnosis and continues for several hours after your hypnosis. It is because of this biological re-linking that the change takes place. Several scientific studies have been conducted on this topic. This property of the brain is called neural plasticity and it is the basis for all forms of learning.
The session starts with a detailed first interview. You will learn about the hypnosis method and have the opportunity to ask questions. Exercises are carried out to prepare you for your Hypnocoaching. The hypnosis sessions will take place after the first interview.
Because of the relaxed state that goes hand in hand with hypnosis, your health will be positively influenced by hypnosis. However, there are actually some risks of hypnosis, which you can read about in this article.

Our Hypnocoaching will support you in several aspects when it comes to quitting smoking. It will change your habit and completely eliminate your desire to smoke. You will be able to re-create the relaxation that you experience during hypnosis. This can help you in the first weeks after stopping smoking if you feel increased tension and irritability due to nicotine withdrawal. Through our hypnosis, not only your consciousness but also your subconscious will adjust to the sudden lack of smoking. This is important, because otherwise your subconscious will always give you new incentives to reach for a cigarette.

A Hypnocoaching session to stop smoking starts with an first interview about your smoking habits. That way, the Hypnocoach will know which impulses to plant in your subconscious. Then your individualized hypnosis session is drawn up. Immediately after hypnosis, you will be indifferent to smoking. There are many studies on the effectiveness of hypnosis for quitting smoking. In addition, our quitting smoking hypnosis has been given a positive rating by many former smokers. You can find more information about quitting smoking in our hypnosis blog.

No. You don’t have to believe in hypnosis for it to work. Hypnosis has been shown to be effective in people who don’t believe in it. However, people who do not believe in the effectiveness of hypnosis sometimes find it harder to engage in hypnosis.
For a hypnosis session to be successful you must feel comfortable. Some people have doubts or fears about hypnosis. Therefore, it is possible to bring a friend with you when you are being hypnotized. This article will show you more on the fear of hypnosis.
Yes. Hypnosis has been scientifically proven several times and is scientifically accepted as a method.
If you are in a light trance, you can “free” yourself from hypnosis from one moment to the next. If you are already in a deep trance, it will take a few seconds longer, but you yourself can still get out of the trance on your own. When you are hypnotized, you can verify this yourself: Just open your eyes. Here you will find case studies from our many years of experience and the explanation why our hypnotees did not get stuck in hypnosis.
The effectiveness of hypnosis relies more on repeated suggestions and simple, easily comprehensible messages than on the language itself. The subconscious mind responds strongly to the context and the deeper meaning of the words, even if not every single one is understood. Therefore, conducting hypnosis in one’s native language is not essential. In hypnosis, we deliberately aim for clear communication, irrespective of the language, ensuring effective embedding in the subconscious mind.
We have been asked this question again and again, which is why we’re including it here. Even in the unlikely event that the Hypnocoach dies during your hypnosis session, you can rest assured knowing that you will wake up after a certain amount of time. You will either wake up from the hypnosis within a few seconds or you will fall asleep and then wake up from hypnosis again once you’ve gotten enough sleep.

Smoking Cessation: First Interview - Review by Petra
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