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Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

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The coaching starts with a detailed initial interview. Here, you will learn a lot about the method of hypnosis and have the opportunity to ask questions. This is followed by visualization exercises to prepare you for your hypnosis session. Hypnosis itself is comparable to a wonderful feeling of complete relaxation. You will feel fantastic during the session and the great feeling usually lingers for hours or even days after the hypnosis is completed. It is very healthy to be in a state of hypnosis because you can recover and relax deeply. From time to time, you will be asked to imagine something in particular, such as a beach. No matter how many suggestions you receive, there are no limits to your imagination. In your own imagination, you can design everything in such a way that it is ideal for you. For example, if you are asked to imagine a beach, you can construct the entire beach so that it is your personal dream beach. For some, it may be a mile-long white, sandy beach, for others it could be a small hidden bay or a croweded city beach. Your imagination has no limits!
No. You’re not unconscious when in a state of hypnosis. You will continue to perceive your surroundings, such as the ringing of a mobile phone. Hypnosis is not like being unconscious or fainting. During a hypnosis session, it is actually desirable that you perceive everything that is happening around you so that you can hear the hypnotist’s suggestions.
Your health cannot be at risk if you do not suffer from certain diseases such as schizophrenia or epilepsy. On the contrary, hypnosis is very good for your health as it strengthens your immune system and improves wound healing.
The Quit Smoking with Hypnosis starts with a detailed initial interview. Your smoking behavior is analyzed so that the hypnosis session can be individually tailored. This is to ensure that you feel comfortable with the suggestions made during your hypnosis and that you can identify with them. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and perform initial exercises to prepare for the first hypnosis session. Since it is very important that you can imagine things, your ability to visualize and concentrate is tested.
The goal of this particular hypnosis is to get you to no longer want to smoke a cigarette. You should be completely indifferent towards smoking by the end of the hypnosis. That is why your hypnotist will suggest this feeling of indifference to cigarettes. All coaches and therapists at Coaching Place work with the suggestion of indifference in the Quit Smoking Hypnosis. For example, they will not suggest that you feel nauseated when you smoke. In contrast to this aversion method, the former approach has the advantage of experiencing positive feelings during the entire hypnosis session rather than experiencing disgust. After the hypnosis session, you will feel very relaxed and will look forward to your life as a non-smoker. You won’t want to smoke anymore. Cigarettes will leave you completely indifferent and will no longer be of interest to you!
No. The exact opposite is true. People who have the ability to go into a deep trance have a good access to their inner life. You have a very good imagination and are able to concentrate well. Often these people also have a high IQ.
Hypnosis is a completely natural state. You go into a state of hypnosis several times a day. Whenever you daydream, you are already in a state of light trance.
That’s why everyone can be hypnotized.
When people do not go into hypnosis, it is because they deliberately block the hypnosis and do not follow the hypnotist’s instructions. If you deliberately do not follow the hypnotist’s instructions or suggestions, the hypnotist has no possibility of initiating hypnosis in you.
The initiation of hypnosis works better and better the more often you are hypnotized. It can be seen as an ability that you can train yourself to do, so to speak.
Yes. It happens all too often that a client has to use the restroom during a hypnosis session. This is completely normal because your body is in a very deep state of relaxation. If you feel the urge to go to the restroom during hypnosis, it is important that you can get out of the hypnosis. Why? A full bladder draws attention to itself. You will be able to only concentrate on your bladder, which significantly reduces the success of the hypnosis session. You can easily get yourself out of hypnosis and then be hypnotized again, just as you can be woken up while you are sleeping and then fall asleep again.
Yes. You can significantly influence the effect of the hypnosis session. To achieve a good result, it is important that you work with us during the hypnosis and that you imagine the suggested images to best of your abilities. It is also important that you do not put yourself under pressure if you can imagine certain things less well. Trust that your subconsciousness will support you in the best possible way. Have fun during the hypnosis session!
In preparation for the hypnosis session, you can already perform visualization exercises yourself, similar to the exercises you will learn during the initial interview. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you when in a state of hypnosis. Make sure that you are relaxed when you arrive at your hypnosis appointment. You will be less successful during hypnosis if you are late, stressed and have had an unpleasant day.
No. You don’t have to believe in hypnosis to make it work. Hypnosis is also effective in people who do not believe in the effects of hypnosis at all.
However, people who do not believe in hypnosis rarely have the ability to let hypnosis in. This means that if you do not believe in the effects of hypnosis, it will be difficult to hypnotize you, which in turn means that hypnosis probably does not “work” for you.
A decisive factor for the success of a hypnosis session is that you feel completely comfortable. Some people have concerns about a hypnosis treatment. That is why it is no problem to bring a friend along with you when you get hypnotized. Your companion sits in the room during hypnosis and can observe the entire session. Talk to your coach or therapist if you would like to bring a person you know to your hypnosis session.
The effectiveness of hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven several times. During hypnosis, you are in a beautiful state of complete relaxation. If you then take in the hypnotist’s suggestions, your neurons – the nerve cells in the brain – begin to recombine. This linkage already starts to occur during hypnosis and continues for several hours after the hypnosis treatment has ended. Change takes place due to this biological reconnection.
There are now more than 77 studies available in which approximately 6,000 people have been examined in various clinical studies (Revenstorf, D. & Prudlo, U., 1994: Hypnose und Kognition). Hypnosis is scientifically proven.
You will feel wonderful! After hypnosis, you are very relaxed. You can enjoy the rest of the day and will not be restricted after your hypnosis session. You can drive, go to work, or meet friends. When you leave our hypnosis offices you will feel balanced, comfortable, and relaxed.
During hypnosis, any concern with its origin in the subconsciousness can be worked on. This includes, for example, stage fright. There’s no rational reason here why you’re afraid. These are irrational fears that can be found in the subconsciousness. With hypnosis, you have access to your subconsciousness and the possibility to convey positive suggestions to it.
Further typical areas of hypnosis are: quitting smoking, increasing motivation and performance, losing weight, sports, deep relaxation, fear of flying, bad habits, or better sleep. With the help of hypnosis, you can even increase your self-confidence. Often, self-healing powers are also activated during hypnosis treatment.
Yes, hypnosis is scientifically proven (Revenstorf, D. & Prudlo, U., 1994: Hypnose und Kognition) and scientifically recognized as a therapeutic method.
Even in the unlikely event that the hypnotist should die during hypnosis, you rest assured knowing that you would wake up after a certain amount of time. You would either wake up from hypnosis within a few minutes or fall asleep and then wake up from hypnosis when you have gotten enough sleep.

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