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  What can hypnosis do?

Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

1. Hypnosis can increase performance

Hypnosis helps with increasing our performance. It activates resources from our subconscious to which we usually do not have access when we are awake. An increase in performance can be desirable in a wide variety of areas. Students use hypnosis to improve their memory and to learn more efficiently. Athletes use it to achieve even better results. Hypnosis can have a significant effect not only on concentration but also motivation. The resulting available time can be used even more efficiently due to the increased memory performance.

2. Hypnosis can change behavior

Implementing hypnosis for behavioral changes is probably the best-known field of application. Bad habits – no matter if it’s eating unhealthy foods, smoking or procrastinating – will soon be a thing of the past thanks to hypnosis. Hypnosis can change all the behaviors originating in the subconscious. These can be recognized by the fact that they are done repeatedly, annoying us afterwards because we were "weak" once more. However, this is not necessarily an indication of weakness of will. Making a conscious decision to stop a certain behavior is not enough if this behavior is anchored in our subconsciousness. Hypnosis provides access to the subconsciousness. It can target and change unwanted behavior right where it originates.

3. Hypnosis can strengthen well-being

Hypnosis is becoming increasingly popular for strengthening well-being. This is not surprising because hypnosis can achieve a very deep state of relaxation. This deep relaxation is possible even for newbies, who have never been hypnotized before. Often, a single session is enough to feel noticeably better. Especially people who don’t have enough time to relax appreciate the pleasant and balanced feeling they get after a hypnosis session. It is no wonder then that hypnosis is being used more and more frequently for relaxation. For many, it is a welcome benefit because it reduces stress and provides a good night’s sleep.

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