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Strengthen Well-Being With Hypnosis

Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

Feeling good is probably what everyone wants most. And as simple as it sounds, it can be very complicated. Because holistic well-being is complex. To accept yourself as you are, to sleep well, to have a balanced lifestyle, good social contacts and to feel healthy – that is all part of our well-being. When we talk about well-being, we mean physical and subjective well-being as well as social well-being.

Strengthening Physical Well-Being

How can hypnosis contribute to our well-being? Let us first consider physical well-being, which can be impaired by, for example, an illness. Hypnocoaching can activate and significantly strengthen the body’s self-healing abilities. This makes it possible to shorten recovery times and to get fit again more quickly. It goes without saying that hypnosis does not replace medical treatments. You should view Hypnocoaching as an additional support on your way to holistic physical well-being.

Strengthening Subjective Well-Being

Subjective well-being includes cognitive and affective well-being. In contrast to affective well-being, cognitive well-being refers to rational and intellectual aspects and thus includes judgments and comparisons. An affect describes moods and feelings and thus the evaluation of the current moment. How satisfied are you with your job? Here you can weigh up the advantages and disadvantages (cognitive well-being) or perceive a feeling (affective well-being). How satisfied are you with what you do in your free time? Sometimes you are satisfied with one aspect of life and dissatisfied with the other. Hypnosis can noticeably improve subjective well-being by helping master everyday life and exerting influence on specific emotions. For example, if you are going through a breakup, hypnosis can help you overcome your heartache. Hypnosis helps you to overcome your fear of flying, too.

Strengthening Social Well-Being

Social well-being considers a person’s social network, their ability to attach to another person, their ability to integrate and, last but not least, their autonomy. Some people find it difficult to engage in close, long-lasting relationships with others based on past experiences. Hypnosis can dissolve unwanted and rigid ways of thinking and acting. Which lifestyle do you feel more comfortable with – do you prefer to maintain a few but close relationships or do you prefer to know many people and be out and about a lot?

A sense of well-being has different levels and should therefore be understood as a holistic concept. Hypnosis can play its part in this and noticeably improve the quality of life; not least of all because every trance state is accompanied by physical and mental relaxation and, as we all know, that makes us feel good.


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I lost weight

Was able to lose weight, thanks! I found my motivation with hypnosis!


Ms. Arzt was instrumental

I feel like a new person! The result is just WOW

Ms. Arzt is very nice, competent and warm. After the initial consultation, she gives you enough documents to read to prepare for the hypnosis session. She was totally able to make me less nervous before the hypnosis in our conversation. Thank you that I now belong to the non-smokers!

Desiree M

Strengthen Well-Being With Hypnosis - Review by Marie
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