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  Am I hypnotizable? – Go ahead and answer the Hypnoji’s questions

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

Albert Einstein

  1. You can imagine a beach while you’re looking into the Hypnoji’s eyes.
  2. You can easily imagine the sound of the ocean waves while you’re focusing on the Hypnoji’s eyes.
  3. The feeling in your mouth changes when you now imagine biting into a lemon.
  4. When you look into the eyes of the Hypnoji, you can see the pattern of a chess board in different colors, so not only in black and white.
  5. Look again into the eyes of the Hypnoji for 3 minutes and imagine how both your arms become heavier. They’ll actually feel heavier afterwards.

The more questions you answered “yes” to, the easier it will be for you to go into a trance.

Am I hypnotizable?

The question “Am I hypnotizable?” should really be “To what extent am I hypnotizable?” because basically every person has the ability to go into hypnosis, provided they are open to it. Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness in which we usually find ourselves several times a day. While we daydream, for example, we are actually in a slight trance.

Different trance depths can be achieved during hypnosis. Hypnosis can therefore take place in a light, medium, or deep trance. The different trance depths depend on individual factors of the client as well as on the abilities of the hypnotist. Hypnotists use different techniques to initiate hypnosis and the number of these hypnosis techniques is almost endless.

“I am unable to be hypnotized” you might occasionally hear someone say. This type of statement is preconceived and implies that only the weak-minded can be hypnotized. But exactly the opposite is true. Often, strong-willed or intelligent people can be hypnotized more easily and can achieve goals more effortlessly with the help of hypnosis. This is not to say that people who are harder to hypnotize are not strong-willed or less intelligent! Every person is unique. There most certainly are people, who are quite willing and extremely intelligent but do not immediately succeed in achieving a state of trance. A strong will together with the ability to trust and let go is beneficial for the initiation of hypnosis. Outstanding results can be achieved through good cooperation between the client and the hypnotist.





Hypnosis experiences can be found on the home page as well as on the individual coaches’ pages and the service page. We are excited to hear about any personal experiences – thank you for your feedback!

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Georg Gips aus Frankfurt says...
Sie haben mir geholfen. Seit nunmehr 4 Jahren bin ich rauchfrei.
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Christina Martinek aus Weigendorf says...
Gerne würde ich ihr Angebot nutzen und einen Auffrischungstermin Ende des ersten Quartals 2019 buchen. Ich hatte ganz vergessen auf ihre letzte Email zu antworten. Mittlerweile bin ich bei 12kg Gewichtsabnahme seit unserer ersten Sitzung :) Ich habe mittlerweile auch wieder probiert Schokolade etc zu essen und kann easy nach 1-2 Stücken/Bissen aufhören, statt wie früher die Tafel/Packung zu \"vernichten\". Sport läuft ebenfalls gut. Heißhunger hatte ich bislang ebenfalls ... Read More
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Hedwig E. B. aus Neumarkt says...
Ich bin total überrascht und begeistert, dass ich mithilfe von Hypnose mit dem Rauchen aufhören konnte. Zuerst war ich wirklich nicht überzeugt und meine Zweifel waren echt groß. Nach über 20 Jahren bin ich jetzt endlich „rauchfrei“ und mir geht’s es richtig gut damit. Von Hypnose selbst hatte ich keine Vorstellung, ich habe eher negatives aus dem Fernsehen damit verbunden. Die Hypnose hat Nicole Arzt bei mir durchgeführt. Sie war sehr professionell und ich hatte immer ein gutes ... Read More
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