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Hypnoji Training - Am I Hypnotizable?

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

Albert Einstein

Please make sure that you are sitting or lying in a secure place and that there are no objects near you that could injure you. Put things like glass bottles or glasses out of reach. Your eyes should not feel uncomfortable when focusing. If this is the case, darken your screen.

  • You can imagine a beach while you’re looking into the Hypnoji’s eyes?
  • You can easily imagine the sound of the ocean waves while you're focusing the Hypnoji?
  • The feeling in your mouth changes when you now imagine biting into a lemon?
  • Your two forearms should be in a comfortable position. Focus on the eyes of the Hypnoji again and imagine your two arms becoming heavier. Do this for 3 minutes. Do they feel heavy?
  • If your arms feel heavy, then let go of the heaviness. Imagine a piece of robe attached to your wrist at the end of which a giant balloon is tied. Feel how the balloon is pulling your arm upwards with increased force. Practice this exercise until your arm starts to feel lighter and begins to lift upwards. 

You will find this self-hypnosis becomes easier with each passing day. The more often you train your self-hypnosis skills, the easier it will be for you to use it. 


Hypnoji Training With Music

Am I Hypnotizable?

The question "Am I hypnotizable?" should really be "To what extent am I hypnotizable?" because basically every person has the ability to go into hypnosis, provided they are open to it. Hypnosis is a natural state in which we usually find ourselves several times a day. While we daydream, for example, we are actually in a slight trance.

Different trance depths can be achieved during hypnosis. Hypnosis can, therefore, take place in a light, medium, or deep trance. The different trance depths depend on individual factors of the hypnotee as well as on the abilities of the hypnotist. Hypnocoaches use different techniques to initiate hypnosis and the number of these hypnosis techniques is almost endless.

We've all heard the words at some point: "You can't hypnotize me" – a statement uttered by those who are of the opinion that only the weak-minded can be hypnotized. Quite the opposite is true, however. A strong will, coupled with the ability to trust and let go, is favorable to hypnotic induction. Oftentimes it is easier to hypnotize strong-willed and intelligent people. This does not mean that people who are harder to hypnotize have less of a strong will or are less intelligent. There are strong-willed and extremely intelligent people who cannot reach a state of deep trance.

Inducing a deep trance during hypnocoaching is not necessary. Some of our hypnotees experience a light trance and have been able to reach their goals with the help of hypnosis just as much. However, the deeper a person goes into a trance, the stronger the effect of hypnosis, which is why we always aim for a somnambulistic state in our hypnotees. Outstanding results are achieved when the hypnotee and coach work well together. That is why hypnotees are encouraged to choose a coach with whom they feel really comfortable.

The Hypnoji training shows you how well you can be hypnotized. You'll also learn how to self-hypnotize at the same time. You can find more information about self-hypnosis in our "Hypnoji Training (With Music) - Learn Self-Hypnosis".

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Rated 5.0 out of 5

this is the cutest emoji I ever saw in my life 🙂



Rated 5.0 out of 5

The sessions were a life-changing event.


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