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  Activating Your Self-Healing Powers

Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

A True Miracle – The Human Body

We often underestimate the power of our own body to regenerate and repair itself. The human body is constantly hard at work renewing cells or eliminating defects in the DNA. The inner cell layer of the intestine alone renews itself every 3 to 5 days, thereby ensuring that it consistently functions. (1) The immune system works around the clock as well to fend off malignant viruses and bacteria or to repair bones.

Self-healing is therefore something that happens in our bodies without our help. Nevertheless, we can influence the strength of our body’s own self-healing abilities because self-healing consists of both physical and psychological elements. Stress, for example, can have a negative influence on the body’s regenerative functions. (2)

Hypnosis activates your self-healing abilities

Hypnosis helps with activating and strengthening your self-healing abilities because it demonstrates access to the subconscious. Due to the physical relaxation the body undergoes, it is easier to leave certain thought patterns behind and overcome fears. You will recognize the resources you have at your disposal and will learn to trust them. (3) Not only can this strengthen the confidence in your own body’s self-healing abilities, but blockages and negative ways of acting and thinking can be recognized and subsequently be resolved. (4)

Hypnosis is particularly useful, for example, when the psyche plays a factor. Another example is wound healing, which can be delayed for couples that are fighting due to an existing stress situation. In this case, hypnosis is appropriate for activating the self-healing abilities. (5)

You can dissolve negative thought patterns, too. When you are in a state of hypnosis, you will learn to positively influence your self-healing abilities. Some people can already feel the effect while the hypnosis session is taking place. Activating self-healing abilities often brings back not only your energy level but also your zest for life.

Activate your self-healing abilities through hypnosis today.

Hypnocoaching is not a substitute for medical treatment. We do not diagnose any diseases or administer any medication. Everyone reacts differently to hypnosis, results can therefore vary. If you are currently being treated medically, you should not stop treatment without consulting your doctor beforehand.


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In alphabetical order (A-Z)

Hypnose Coach Nicole Arzt M. A. 10117 Berlin Mitte
90419 Nuremberg

+49 – 30 – 640 755 24
+49 – 171 – 14 16 155



Nicole Arzt M. A.

Fee: € 200 (19% VAT included)
Initial consultation + 1 hypnosis session



Matey Illiesu B. A. CQM Coach 10117 Berlin Mitte
40210 Dusseldorf

+49 – 30 – 640 755 24



Matey Illiesu B. A.

Fee: on request



Hypnose Coach Sergey Kazakevich Dipl. 9400 Rorschach

+41 – 767 – 54 41 89



Sergey Kazakevich Dipl.

Fee: on request






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