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Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

International Business Management B. A.
NLP Practitioner
Certified Hypnotist of NGH

Hypnose Coach Matey Illiesu B. A.

Hypnosis in Berlin | Hypnosis in Dusseldorf

„The map is not the territory.“

…Alfred Korzybski correctly recognized that every person has their own specific image of the world in their mind. Every perception of the world exists just once. Thus, you, too, have a unique view of the world. Every person is different, not just visually and in character, but also in regards to their cognitive processes and especially their perception of the things around them.

My focus is on the use of hypnosis in combination with neurolinguistic programming (NLP). It is possible to remove unpleasant feelings and thoughts with the use of this NLP technique after only a few sessions. Applying the two techniques in combination is especially effective if you are more of a rational person and spend too much time thinking about everyday things. It is also possible to reach the information of your subconsciousness when in a light trance.

Through a targeted analysis of your behavior and speech patterns, we work out possible alternatives so as to break up thought patterns. My approach is never problem-focused but instead always solution-oriented. For every problem there is an individualized solution. If you would know the solution to your problem, you would no longer have a problem. All you need is to change your perspective in order to see new possibilities. A change in perspective can often occur through a conversation with another person.

You, too, can broaden your horizon with the use of hypnosis and NLP and discover the potential that rests within you. You have all the resources you need, you just need to access them. Reality is full of unlimited opportunities for you. The world out there is your reality, and you can shape and change it to your liking and preferences.


  • 08/13
    Hypnosis coach trainee
    The Hypnoseakademie, Eichendorf (classic hypnosis)
  • 09/09
    NLP practitioner trainee
    Wege Academy, Berlin
  • 09/02 – 09/05
    Bachelor of Arts
    Studies: International Business Management
    University of Wales, Cardiff







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S. Eberhardt aus Köln says...
Für mich der beste Hypnotiseur den es gibt Grin
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Katja aus Düsseldorf says...
Kann mich da anschließen. Nett, sympathisch, kompetent. Mein Stressempfinden hat auch abgenommen.
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R. aus Düsseldorf says...
Ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt. Er ist nett und authentisch. Würde wieder zu ihm gehen bzgl. der Gewichtsreduktion.
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