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Hypnosis Coach Nicole Arzt

Reality is overrated. Dive deeper.

Nicole Arzt

Business Psychologist M. A.
Coach B. A.
Certified Hypnosis Coach
Certified Hypnotist of NGH

Hypnose Coach Nicole Arzt M. A.

Hypnosis in Berlin | Hypnosis in Nuremberg

While studying Business Psychology (Specialization: Coaching) I discovered that you could achieve your personal goals much more quickly using hypnosis. Hypnosis and Hypnocoaching continues to fascinate me to this day.

More and more people are exploring the wonderful world of hypnosis and are captivated by its effectiveness. Athletes can enhance their sports performance as if by the push of a button, tapping into their potential exactly when they need to. Heavy smokers leave my hypnosis office in Berlin or in Nuremberg as non-smokers, as they suddenly become indifferent to cigarettes. After a Hypnocoaching session for a fear of flying, my clients eagerly take to the skies. They happily book the window seat as they witness their former anxiety turn into pure joy.

Learn more about hypnosis and Hypnocoaching in Berlin or Nuremberg, Germany, or online, and discover the fascinating world of your subconscious mind. While in hypnosis, you will feel a sense of deep relaxation. In this state, you are capable of fulfilling your personal goals and desires faster and more comfortably than ever before. Since we work with your subconscious, we can create profound and enduring transformations. You don’t lose consciousness during hypnosis. Rather, it is a transformative journey that relaxes you and unleashes positive changes in your life. With hypnosis, the body and mind achieve a new level of harmony. Experience it for yourself and witness the power of hypnosis.

The hypnosis experience – while you are in a relaxing state of trance, your neurons form new connections.



  • 08/23
    Hypnoji NFT Founder
    Hypnoji – Simply Feel Better (Ethereum Blockchain)
    Creating digital Hypnojis.
    Modern hypnosis embraces state-of-the-art technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence. A fusion of limitless possibilities.
  • 06/22
    Hypnosis Training
    Steve Bierman M.D.
    Preetz Hypnose GmbH, Magdeburg
    Clinical Hypnosis
  • 07/20
    Hypnosis Training
    Dr. Norbert Preetz
    Preetz Hypnose GmbH, Magdeburg
    Preetzisions-Hypnosis | Hypnoanalysis
  • 04/11 – 03/14
    Academic Degree: M. A.
    Business Psychology Studies
    Specialization: Market and Advertising Psychology
    University of Applied Management Erding/ Munich
  • 09/08 – 07/11
    Academic Degree: B. A.
    Business Psychology Studies
    Specialization: Coaching
    University of Applied Management Erding/ Munich
  • 04/11
    Advanced Training in Rapid Hypnosis Induction
    Dirk Treusch
    Treusch Life Coaching, Darmstadt
  • 02/11
    Advanced Hypnosis Training
    TherMedius Institut, Nuremberg
  • 11/10
    Hypnosis Training
    TherMedius Institut, Nuremberg
    Modern Hypnosis
  • 09/09
    NLP Training
    Wege Academy, Berlin
  • 02/02 – 08/05
    Study of Practical Psychology
    Studiengemeinschaft, Darmstadt
  • 09/04 – 07/05
    Internship at Bayreuth District Hospital/ Psychiatry
    – Clinical Addiction Medicine
    – Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine
    – Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry
  • 12/02
    Hypnosis Training
    Wolfgang Künzel
    Hypnoseakademie, Eichendorf
    Classic Hypnosis | Mesmerizing | Show Hypnosis


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Read reviews on Google Maps written by people who have already experienced a hypnosis session in Berlin, Nuremberg, or online. You can also browse photos of the modern hypnosis office in Berlin Mitte, and the hypnosis office in Nuremberg, Germany.

Hypnosis Experiences and Videos

Nicole Arzt’s Hypnosis YouTube channel has authentic video testimonials and educational hypnosis videos that provide you with detailed insights into the world of hypnosis.

Contact and Appointments

For questions or to schedule an appointment please refer to the email address and phone number of Nicole Arzt M. A. 

Hypnosis Coaching in Berlin Mitte

Hypnosis Office Berlin Mitte

Hypnosis Coaching in Berlin Mitte

Hypnosis Coaching in Berlin Mitte

Hypnosis Coaching in Berlin Mitte

Hypnosis Coaching in Berlin Mitte

Nicole Arzt at hypnosis training with Dr. Norbert Preetz

Hypnosis Coaching in Berlin Mitte

Nicole Arzt at hypnosis training with Steve Bierman M. D.

Hypnosis Coaching in Berlin Mitte

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Beyond me expectations :-)

Thanks for your hypnosis!



Super nice coach with experience. My sleep problems disappeared in no time. Thank you so much :-*


I quit smoking

I’ve had two smoke-free years now.

Lauf near Nuremberg

Smoke cessation works





New communication skills

I can now more easily communicate with strangers and my family regarding topics that I did not dare to address because of my personality. I can be myself and see the communication between others from a completely new perspective.


Dr. Norbert Preetz is speaking about the hypnosis training of Nicole Arzt M. A.
(English Subtitles)

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