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Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

Business Psychologist M. A.
Psychological Consultant
Certified Hypnosis Coach (DVH)
Certified Hypnotist of NGH

Hypnose Coach Nicole Arzt M. A.

Hypnocoaching is becoming more and more popular. Athletes use hypnosis to access their maximum potential on command. Smokers are able to quit their unhealthy bad habit because they no longer feel the need to smoke following a session. People who used to have a fear of flying can now finally experience travels to far away places and do not mind the window seat on a long distance flight. No other method can help with self-improvement as quickly as hypnosis can. Why don’t you discover the endless possibilities of modern Hypnocoaching, which has long been part of the daily routines of many athletes and stars.

While attending university to study business psychology (with a specialization in training and coaching), I observed that coaching goals can be reached more quickly when used in conjunction with hypnosis. That fact has fascinated me ever since. No other method can let you achieve your goals and dreams faster. Hypnosis gets in touch with your subconscious and can cause a lasting change, provided that your consciousness agrees with these objectives of course.

Contrary to popular belief, you are not unconscious during a hypnosis session. Therefore, you will always be capable of remembering what happened during a hypnosis session and you will never do or say something you are not willing to do or say. You will feel more balanced after each session because hypnosis gives you a deep feeling of relaxation. Hypnosis is a wellness treatment for body and soul. Come and see for yourself.


  • 04/11 – 03/14
    Master of Arts
    Business psychology studies
    Specialization: Market and advertising psychology
    University: Hochschule für angewandtes Management, Erding/ München
  • 09/08 – 07/11
    Bachelor of Arts
    Business psychology studies
    Specialization: Training and coaching
    University: Hochschule für angewandtes Management, Erding/ München
  • 04/11
    Advanced training in rapid hypnosis
    Treusch Life Coaching, Darmstadt
  • 02/11
    Training in hypnosis
    TherMedius Institut, Nuremberg
  • 11/10
    Training as a hpnosis coach
    TherMedius Institut, Nuremberg (modern hypnosis)
  • 02/02 – 08/05
    Study of practical psychology
    Studiengemeinschaft, Darmstadt
  • 09/04 – 07/05
    Internship at Bayreuth District Hospital (Psychiatry)
    – Clinical addiction medicine
    – Psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine
    – Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry
  • 06/02
    Training as a hypnosis coach
    The Hypnoseakademie, Eichendorf (classic hypnosis)


Reviews and Photos

The reviews made by people who have been hypnotized can be very helpful for those thinking about doing hypnosis. On Google Maps, you can find reviews about Nicole Arzt for Berlin and Nuremberg and additional photos. These sources of information and of course your very own personal consultation will help you get a better understanding of hypnosis.






Hypnosis experiences can be found on the home page as well as on the individual coaches’ pages and the service page. We are excited to hear about any personal experiences – thank you for your feedback!

5/5 (29)
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H. E. aus Neu Hohenschönhausen says...
Really friendly and very professional. Does not stick to money. Completely recommendable.Speaks English.
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Loulia aus Berlin says...
Mit Hypnosetherapeuten habe ich so meine Erfahrungen machen dürfen. Diese Erfahrungen waren eine Enttäuschung der Extreme. Vom singenden pendelschwingenden Socken-in-Sandalenträger bis zur Einräucherung mit Salbei blieb mir nichts erspart.

Trotzdem hatte ich meinen Glauben an die Hypnose nicht verloren. Nicht zuletzt weil im Fernsehen gezeigt wurde, wie es professionell aussieht. Das kannte ich nicht.

Nun bin ich bei Fr. Arzt gelandet und werde nie wieder woanders hingehen ;-)
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Annett aus Potsdam says...
Hier ist alles stimmig. Menschlichkeit, Sympathie, Kompetenz und Ambiente.

Vielen dank ich bin glücklich und wenn ich irgendwann noch einen Wunsch habe wende ich mich definitiv wieder an Frau Arzt.
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