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Hypnoji enters the world of Web3

Did you read that right? You bet! The adorable Hypnoji has entered the revolutionary world of Web3 and is now available as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Our exclusive collection consist of 1,000 unique Hypnojis. We’ve been working tirelessly on the development for months and now we are proud to show you the final result.

What are the benefits of a digital Hypnoji?

Countless benefits await you. In the future, we want to continuously develop the Hypnoji and you will be able to enjoy new benefits with your digital token all the time. While we are still fine-tuning the details and testing what is technically possible, there is already great news:

In each quarter of the year 2024 we will raffle a hypnosis package of your choice, worth 500 euros each. You can redeem your hypnosis package in Berlin, Nuremberg or online via Zoom with Hypnocoach Nicole Arzt. The more Hypnojis you own, the greater your chance of winning.

How to get digital Hypnojis

The Hypnoji resides on the so-called Ethereum blockchain, which means you can purchase it with the corresponding cryptocurrency Ether (ETH). We made every effort to make the September 2023 mint accessible without the use of cryptocurrencies, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find a payment service provider that supports cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, we’ve made it incredibly easy for everyone to join in.

Can beginners without Web3 knowledge join?

Absolutely! We’re here to support our hypnotees. To make it easier for you to get started, we offer assistance in both German and English, such as helping you set up a wallet. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like to own a digital Hypnoji. Join the blockchain technology adventure.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that our modern hypnosis is a perfect fit for innovative technologies like Blockchain. We want to take you on this journey and give you the chance to be among the first to experience a technology that others may not have even heard of.

There is so much to discover, just like in the world of hypnosis. Let’s explore together how we can further develop digital Hypnojis and who knows, maybe one day you can even use your Hypnoji for a hypnosis. Where the journey will take us, we can’t say ourselves yet – but we are excited and hope you are too.


Hypnoji Collection on OpenSea

What is a Hypnoji?


Get you own digital Hypnoji now – Go to Mint Page




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I can’t stop smiling at these cute Hypnojis!

Ben S.
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