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Hypnosis Coach Karsten Gall Dipl.

Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

Degree in economics
Psychological Consultant
Certified hypnotist of NGH
Medically certified Psycho-Oncological Consultant

Hypnose Coach Karsten Gall Dipl.

Hypnosis in Schweinfurt

I have been working in the consulting and coaching field since 1996. During my training as a merchant in wholesale and exports and my studies in economy, I spent many years in Asia and South America, where I then became the CEO for a national marketing and advertisement agency.

During that time I also completed a security management training with a degree as a close protection officer for personal security. That is why I continue to work in international crisis and risk management. My speciality is profiling, which is the reason I began my continuing studies in psychological consultation and hypnosis coaching.

Today, I work out of my hypnosis office in Schweinfurt, where I use hypnosis and NLP for various issues and complaints. Hypnosis alters the subconscious according to your wishes. During hypnosis, the technique of neurolinguistic programming can be utilized even more effectively. Thus, you can achieve your life goals a lot more quickly with the help of hypnosis than you would otherwise. Feel free to give me a call at my hypnosis office in Schweinfurt – I am happy to give a consultation over the phone and give you information about my hypnosis services.

I am also interested in exchanging experiences with other hypnosis coaches and consultants in the field of holistic coaching. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone.


  • 12/17
    Medically certified Psycho-Oncological Consultant
    Europäische Akademie für Naturheilverfahren und Umweltmedizin, Berlin
  • 06/15
    Training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
    TherMedius Institut, Berlin
  • 09/10 – 07/12
    Psychological Consultant
    TherMedius Institut, Munich
  • 11/10
    Hypnosis Coach education
    TherMedius Institut, Nuremberg
  • 09/92 – 09/96
    Degree: Diploma
    FWH, Hamburg

Reviews and Photos

The reviews made by people who have been hypnotized can be very helpful for those thinking about doing hypnosis. On Google Maps, you can find reviews about Karsten Gall for the Schweinfurt location and additional photos. You can find the TV report about hypnosis to overcome a fear of heights on YouTube. These sources of information and of course your very own personal consultation will help you get a better understanding of hypnosis.

Contact and Appointments

For questions or to schedule an appointment please refer to the email address and phone number of Karsten Gall Dipl.

Fast hypnosis by touching neck and hand

Index finger fixation to induce hypnosis

Forehead fixation to induce hypnosis

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I don´t want to smoke

I can highly recommend the non-smoking seminar of Mr. Gall in Stralsund. So far, I have stayed strong and can say no to the darn cigarettes now.

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