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Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

Hypnosis always goes hand in hand with a feeling of deep relaxation. Our hypnotees are put in the deepest trance possible (called somnambulism) and many of them have told us post session that they immediately feel as if they had been on a weeks-long vacation.

You probably know people who wouldn’t dream of going to hypnosis. They believe the common misconceptions about hypnosis and don’t understand what hypnosis truly is. For this reason, some will never get to experience the awesome power of their subconscious mind. If you are new to hypnosis, give it try! You will be able to form your own opinion and will quickly learn to dispel the countless myths behind hypnosis. Find out which ones they are in our FAQ’s.

Unforgettable Experience + Improved Attitude Towards Life = An Extraordinary Gift Idea

Give the gift of a unique experience with a hypnosis gift card. Our hypnotees often leave our office with a whole new attitude towards life, able to release mental blocks, break bad habits, sleep better than ever before, and even overcome their deepest fears… all while enjoying a soothing hypnosis.


Give the gift of hypnosis today.

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Tolle Geschenkidee

Meine Frau raucht nicht und mir kommt es auch zugute.


Entspannung/ Relaxing

Hab die Entspannungshypnose verschenkt und die Beschenkte war sehr angetan.


Smoking Cessation With Hypnosis - Review by Petra
(English Subtitles Available)

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