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Hypnosis Dusseldorf

Looking for hypnosis in Dusseldorf? This hypnosis expert platform has the top hypnosis coaches in Dusseldorf. Hypnosis in Dusseldorf only works if you are ready for personal change. Hypnosis is scientifically recognized. What is hypnosis all about? Before going into that, it is important to understand what hypnosis that takes place in a hypnosis office is not about. It is never about imposing someone else’s will on you and it is not about influencing you. For this reason, hypnosis does not work on everyone. It is difficult to induce hypnosis on someone who resists being hypnotized.

A common reason for resisting hypnosis (consciously or unconsciously) is not being prepared for personal change in one’s deepest innermost self. Another reason is simply having no desire to change things. For example, it is possible that someone is not prepared to become a non-smoker. A hypnosis session to quit smoking can only work if you truly want to stop smoking. Again and again, people come to hypnosis in Dusseldorf because they want to do their partner a favor and therefore want to be “hypnotized into becoming a non-smoker.” Such clients are generally rejected by us.

Why do we refuse these clients? The answer is simple – because in such a case, hypnosis is not the correct method to apply. Hypnosis only works if you yourself are ready for change. In order to be ready, however, you do not actually have to believe in hypnosis. Hypnosis works even if you don’t believe in it. So, a person who is not really willing to give up smoking and is only doing this for someone else will not be able to go into a state of hypnosis. In this case, hypnosis cannot work. In contrast, someone who wants to give up smoking and does not believe in the effects of hypnosis can really easily become a non-smoker because hypnosis can not only be induced in this case but it consequently also works. If you are willing to be hypnotized, believing in the effect no longer plays a role.

It is also a misconception that the hypnotized person would lose consciousness or become a puppet with no will of his or her own. On the contrary, hypnotized people always have the possibility to get themselves out of hypnosis if they so wish to do. Should a hypnotized person have to go to the restroom during hypnosis in Dusseldorf due to the very deep relaxation associated with hypnosis, they then simply get themselves out of hypnosis by opening their eyes.

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