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  Teeth Grinding Hypnosis: Addition

Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid


Tense jaw muscles are often caused by frequent teeth grinding and are the reason for jaw pain, headaches or other tension pains. During hypnosis, subconscious triggers are identified and the urge to grind your teeth is reduced. It can sometimes take a little time for the jaw pain to subside or disappear completely.

The RelaxBogen® ideally complements your hypnosis sessions. Unlike a mouth guard, it can relax the jaw muscles and provide relief for sore jaws and headaches, as the latter are often caused by tense muscles. The elegant design makes wearing the RelaxBogen® in everyday life easy, no matter whether you are sitting at your desk in the office or at home. If you combine the RelaxBogen® with our hypnosis against teeth grinding, you can get rid of muscular tensions even faster.

Hypnosis reduces your basic urge to grind your teeth, even while you are sleeping, and works in your subconscious. The RelaxBogen® makes it easier for you to notice during the day when you might still have the tendency to clench your teeth. It helps you stop putting a strain on your jaw muscles.

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Mira aus Nürnberg says...
Danke euch für den Rabatt Code!

Gewöhnungsbedürftiges Teil, aber danach eine echte Hilfe locker zu lassen. Daheim trage ich es den ganzen Tag, beim Rausgehen noch nicht. Weiß nicht, ob ich es ins Büro mitnehme, wenn es Corona Lockerungen gibt Smile Die Hypnose hat mir auch gut geholfen. Danke für alles!
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