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  Hypnosis to Improve Your Self-Esteem: Addition

Hypnosis helps even if everything else fails.

James Braid

Have you successfully undergone hypnosis to improve your self-esteem? We are so happy for you! Start celebrating your new-found self-esteem with some of the unforgettable experiences of MyDays.

Many of our hypnotics have been able to find the courage to do things they never thought were possible. They were incredibly excited about being able to feel the effects of the hypnosis right away. For many, the experience of the adrenaline rush during their first skydiving adventure was proof of their new-found confidence. Participants were no less enthusiastic on the canyoning trips or the hot-air balloon rides during the warmer months or the snowshoe hikes in winter.

In fact, these types of activities no longer require any kind of convincing after successful hypnosis sessions. Furthermore, another positive effect is that you can solidify the success of the sessions by doing exactly these kinds of activities. The canyoning tour above and below water, for example, stimulates all your senses and will have a lasting effect on the success of the hypnosis.

With MyDays you can find great adventures that will brighten the mood. Give it a try! Just like many others, you too will be incredibly thrilled and amazed.




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Emmelie aus Berlin says...
War beim Canyoning und es war toll. Wenn auch anders als erwartet. Man konnte oft die Felsen hinab ins Wasser rutschen oder sich abseilen. Ich werde das irgendwann nochmal machen, mit anderen Guides.
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Ulrike E. aus Prenzlau says...
In 5 Wochen gehts los. Ich freue mich soooooo Laugh
Bewertung weiß ich nicht, deshalb erst mal die Mitte der Sterne.
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Dirk aus Nürnberg says...
Es war KRASS Grin
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